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Professional SEO Services Agency: Torch Click Digital Marketing10 Questions Your Company Leadership Needs To Be Asking Itself Every Quarter

10 Questions Your Company Leadership Needs To Be Asking Itself Every Quarter

Let's face it, even the kid down the street from your house selling lemonade at a stand probably has a Twitter account saying when he's open or not. Doing business in the contemporary economy without search engine optimization isn't just a bad idea, it's not helping you move forward. By working with your Naperville SEO Expert, you can place your focus on other parts of your business that need your attention while we focus on getting you ranked. Keep reading to learn ten questions your company leadership needs to be asking itself every quarter:

1) Are you spending too much on SEO? When properly done, an expert like our Naperville SEO Agency can optimize your business website to ultimately receive more traffic from Google, which results in an investment that increases your revenue. So, it is possible never actually to waste money in this way. Still, you need to know just how effective it will be so that you can figure out whether it is actually an efficient method to carry out. Ideally, you can know if there is a point of diminishing returns to stop at, but also a potential revenue growth ceiling you're not hitting yet.

2) Are you spending too little on SEO services? While this does need to be a recurring expense, some business leaders get too comfortable with their SERPs (search engine results page) and start whittling down on their budget for optimization and operations over time, assuming things are fine and money is being made without having to invest in it. This can be dangerous though, as search engine algorithm changes can happen at any time, and you need the resources to respond and capitalize on new opportunities rather than waiting for the next quarterly budget to rebound. By then your nimble and committed competition has already exploited the new reality and left you behind. A Naperville SEO Expert will never stop optimizing your business site. We will monitor it, so you don't have to.

3) Should we have an in-house person dedicated to it? The answer to this depends on whether you want to hire a single person such as a marketing/SEO director or an SEO Agency like Torch Click to get the job done. The difference is that one will handle all the duties of SEO full time and the other will take care of it only as a part of a larger list of responsibilities. Outsourcing to an SEO expert can be very valuable. It will save you money in the long-run because you won't need to be paying one person a fixed salary that can range from $70,000 and over. Instead, you can pay an experienced agency around the same or less and receive better results.

4) Should we have a third-party solution working on it? Yes! Let your Naperville SEO Expert worry about it. While search engine optimization is important enough to warrant a dedicated employee to head it up, there are advantages to having outside firms, consultants, or strategists bringing their experience and fresh ideas to the table.

5) Are there new keywords or phrases we should be targeting? Any time there are new ideas, phrases, vocabulary, or products or services in your industry, there are new search strings users can type into search engines. Being on the cutting edge of delivering content to these puts you a step ahead of your competitors, and discovering them before anyone else means dominating new niches that have little competition.

6) How are our competitors doing? You likely know who the other primary players are in your industry or sector. Keep tabs on them so that you make sure they are not up to anything new that you can't take advantage of yourself. Always keep an eye out for an immoral competitor using black hat tactics against you directly.

7) Are we moving up or down? Your analytics should tell you at any given moment what your exact SERPs are, where you were yesterday, last month, and even last year. Doing everything right and then discovering you moved down might indicate a competitor has leapfrogged you with their own SEO efforts. Don't worry, rankings fluctuate all the time, and just because your site is ranking lower than before, it doesn't mean you're going to stay there and it's impossible to get back up. With the skills we have at Torch Click Digital Marketing, we can help you take over your competition

8) Are there new social media platforms we should be on? Here at our Naperville SEO Agency, we know exactly which social media platforms your company should be on. The social media explosion seems to have mostly stabilized, but older platforms do die off (MySpace), and others appear to lurch into new levels of popularity. If younger Internet users are an important demographic for you, then certainly track what social media apps are hot at the time among those looking to avoid relatives on the decidedly older Facebook.

9) Is our social media content actually working? While it is necessary to have a few social media accounts out there, they are useless if not properly utilized. A Naperville SEO Expert will properly optimize not only your business site but also your social media profiles.  Ideally, you have content being posted daily. Even better, auto-schedule it in advance, so no one is burdened with running to their computer to manually post things to seven different social media accounts every day of the week. Make sure your content is useful and entertaining to your readers, and keep the coupons and blatant sales promotions to a minimum. 

10) Do all relevant pages of our website have the necessary social media widgets? Your site needs to have strong content on it. This is for two purposes. The first is to establish your company or business as a trusted authority within your field. The second is to get traffic to convert into actual customers. Some of your pages should be so robust and noteworthy that readers want to share them with others through social media. Not only does that build up your branding and exposure, but it also generates backlinks to help your SEO efforts.

The primary parties involved in your company's search engine optimization decisions and strategy need to sit down together every three months, give or take, and then ask and answer these 10 questions to get a quick readout on where your business stands in this area.

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